A Brief History of Time

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  • Absolute Time Does Not Exist

    The theory of relativity shows that time is not a constant, but a relative measurement to the observer. For example, it’s long been established that clocks running further away from the Earth’s gravity run slightly slower than those on the surface when they are compared.

  • The Anthropic Principle Says the Universe Is the Way That it Is Because We Exist

    The fact that humans exist with the capacity to observe and theorize about the universe is the explanation for the universe being the way that it is. The physics that creates the preconditions for intelligent life means that intelligent life could only ever observe this kind of universe. If other universes don’t support intelligent life, they will have different physics from our universe and, potentially, our physics is universal to intelligent life.

  • An Object Can Not Go the Speed of Light Because it Would Have Infinite Mass

    The equivalence of mass and energy means that an object (having mass) can not reach the speed of light. As it approaches the speed of light, the mass of the object would become infinite thereby taking an infinite amount of energy. Therefore, only something without any intrinsic mass (like light or a wave) can go the speed of light.