Notes From the Field

  • The Shirky Principle

    Institutions end up perpetuating the problems they aim to resolve, either intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Time to First Million ARR

    One way to measure product market fit is to look at the time it takes between putting a product out in the market to the first $1MM in ARR.

  • Time to Sign Benchmarks

    According to a report by Common Paper of 1,000 businesses, commercial agreements take a median of 3 to 4 days to sign depending on the size of the company.

  • B2B Benchmarks

    A collection of benchmarks for B2B businesses (mostly relevant for early-stage SaaS).

  • The Needs Stack

    The needs stack is a way of describing what a customer is trying to do when they are buying.

  • Emacs Completion Stack

    There are many packages for completions in Emacs. I recently switched over from ido and helm to the MOVEC stack: Marginalia, Orderless, Vertico, Embark, Consult.

  • The Unknown God

    An English physician once described radium as “the unknown god”. This was at a time where radiation and it’s effects were still being discovered.

  • Results Don't Matter

    I was watching an interview with Kobe Bryant where he talks about his workouts and approach to basketball.