Notes From the Field

  • LLM Latency Is Output-Size Bound

    As it stands today, LLM applications have noticeable latency but much of the latency is output-size bound rather than input-size bound.

  • Org-Ql From the Command Line

    Most of my tasks and projects are organized using org-mode. I was looking for a way to query them from an LLM and, rather than recreate an index and a database, I can use what I normally use, org-ql using emacs in batch mode.

  • Sorting Vector Store Results

    Many vector databases can find the top k most similar results to a query but are unable to sort by other document metadata.

  • Alfred Snippets on IOS

    Alfred does not have a mobile application that can make snippets available from your desktop to your phone.

  • Circular Specification Problem

    Writing a specification with sufficient detail to know exactly what software one should build is as much work as writing the code itself.

  • Blue-Seven Phenomenon

    When asked to draw a random number between 1 and 10 and any color, most people choose the number seven and the color blue.

  • Polycrisis

    Global crises happening all at once re-inforce one another making the effects larger than any individual crisis alone.

  • Shawn's Eskimo

    In an episode of Boy Meets World, Shawn is in a competition of who can wait longest on a billboard suspended high up in the air in order to win tickets to the Super Bowl.

  • Getting Ready for AI

    The other day I noticed a tweet from Justin Duke which outlined a plan to get his company’s codebase ready for Devin—a programming focused generative AI product.

  • Net Magic Number

    Net magic number is a measurement of go-to-market (GTM) efficiency for SaaS businesses.

  • Benign Neglect

    Most managers, at best, are a form of benign neglect. Continual attention (micro management) usually results in the opposite of what a manager hopes for—less motivation from employees, learned helplessness, and worse performance.