Notes From the Field

  • Enshittification

    The product or service in which, value goes to users first and then, upon capturing a mass audience of users, provides values to suppliers.

  • AI Agent

    An AI agent is an intent-based abstraction that combines LLMs to plan and take action in order produce a desired goal.

  • AI Employees

    Several startups are touting AI employees that you can hire to perform a specific function.

  • Using Org-Roam as a CRM

    Using org-mode and org-roam can make a rudimentary CRM system for logging interactions with people, companies, or any other contact.

  • Low Bitrate Audio Codec

    Low bitrate audio codecs are primarily used for downscaling audio for slower internet connection speeds and supporting older devices.

  • Using AI Tools at Work

    I recently shared some observations about trying to use generative AI tools at work and shared the experience on LinkedIn.

  • Anxiety Doesn't Give You an Edge

    I hear it often enough that it seems like a commonly held belief that anxiety somehow improves performance at work and gives one an edge.

  • LLM Latency Is Output-Size Bound

    As it stands today, LLM applications have noticeable latency but much of the latency is output-size bound rather than input-size bound.

  • Org-Ql From the Command Line

    Most of my tasks and projects are organized using org-mode. I was looking for a way to query them from an LLM and, rather than recreate an index and a database, I can use what I normally use, org-ql using emacs in batch mode.