• Everything Is Political

    Some companies recently tried to separate business from politics so they can better focus on their mission.

  • Fermi Estimate

    A ‘back of the napkin’ estimate that can be quite accurate.

  • How People Get Rich and Income Inequality

    Paul Graham argues in How people get rich now that we are returning to a period where wealth is mostly generated from starting companies (as opposed to inherited wealth from oil and natural resources) and that’s a good thing even though wealth inequality is growing.

  • Eephus Pitch

    An off speed high arching pitch in baseball that is meant to catch batters offguard.

  • Monetizing Innovation

    This note does not have a description yet. Links to this note Maxdiff Comparison Helps Prioritize Features A MaxDiff comparison helps reveal the ranking of pairs of features without directly asking users to stack rank them.

  • Robert Moses

    This note does not have a description yet. Links to this note Robert Moses Was a Failure in the First 5 Years of His Career In the early years of his career, Robert Moses—with all of his idealism and arrogance—failed to reform the New York City government and improve efficiency as he proposed.

  • Bayes' Theorem

    The probability that belief A is true, given new evidence B is equal to the probability of B given A times the probability of A (regardless of B) divided by the probability of B (regardless of A).

  • Moroccan Chaabi

    A traditional rhythm which is a variation of the Chaabi found in Northern Africa.

  • The Dispassionate Developer

    Being all consumed by engineering (writing blogs, contributing to open source, giving away your time) is not good because it leads to burnout and perpetuates more people to do the same.