Alex's Notes

A collection of notes organized in the Zettelkästen style to foster creative thinking.

  • Small Tech

    Technology companies that are small and private, writing software on their own terms.

  • Embedded Tweets and Videos Includes Ad Tracking

    The scripts used to embed media such as tweets and YouTube videos include a full complement of ad tracking and third-party cookies which are used to follow visitors around the internet to serve them ads and collect more data.

  • Bane's Rule

    You don’t understand a distributed computing problem until you get it to fit on a single machine first.

  • Brewarrina Fish Traps

    Stone fish traps in use over the last 40,000 years located in the Barwon River that some believe are the earliest human construction in the world.

  • Struggle Switch

    A metaphor for how we respond to negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, sadness.

  • Panspermia Theory

    The idea that life originated on another planet and was transported to Earth.

  • Friend Catcher

    An activity or action one can do regularly that draws people to you because you are providing something of value.

  • Programmable Music Environment

    Converts code into generated music on-the-fly. There’s a sub-genre of electronic music that uses programming tools at live shows where the musician grows the program by writing and reinterpreting code as the audience watches and listens.

  • Note Blogging

    A blog of working notes that other can read and follow along with to learn about interesting ideas and things you are coming across.

  • Finite State Machine

    A model of computation where there is exactly one state at a time of a fixed number states.

  • Pareto Principle

    80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes. This distribution seems to repeat in many problem spaces where there is an imbalance between the inputs and outputs.

  • Improving Tail Latency Improves Reliability, UX, and Sales

    Focusing on continuously improving p99.9 latency (long tail latency) not only improves overall latency, it necessitates more reliable systems, better user experience, and enables more enterprise sales who tend to want contractual obligations around p50 latency.