AI Puts a Higher Premium on Unique Knowledge

AI augmented tools for creative processes like writing (ChatGPT) and drawing (StableDiffusion, DALL-E-2) establish a new baseline for content. This is a step change for many industries where the value will get competed away (e.g. everyone can compete in editorial SEO). That means that there will be an even higher premium for unique knowledge that is, by definition, not replicable by advancements in general AI tools.

In creating content that people will actually want to read, people are discerning and will seek out “authentic” content with real insight. On the other hand using AI to write a top 10 listicles for a company blog is probably good enough.

I think we will soon establish a market price for AI content and whether this abundance will lead to greater productivity.

See also:

  • Will this drive up the market for digital scarcity?
  • Proficiency in these tools helps creators live a rich digital life (imagine summoning the best creative writer to help you write a short story or the best visual artist to help you make art for your games)
  • AI Multiplies the Value of Expertise

    AI reduces the cost of certain tasks to effectively zero. In doing so, it lowers the barriers to domains that would previously take years to build skills such as writing code, data analysis, and more. This is precisely why AI also increases the value of expertise and experience.