• Sloppyness Adds Up

    Imagine a busy executive trying to work with multiple people. They’re coming in and out of meetings and working on several projects all day long.

  • Langchain Self Query With Dates

    Self querying by date using LangChain doesn’t work well. The default schema used for parsing natural language into the internal representation of langchain for querying a vector store does not work with dates because it uses the wrong type (it tries to use a dict but you can only filter using integers or strings).

  • Lorca Model 1 Review

    The Lorca Model 1 is a romantic watch. It blends elements of several iconic watches that remind me of a time I never lived through.

  • A Moat or a Long Bridge

    In business strategy you’ll often hear a competitive advantage described as a moat, but most moats are more like a long bridge.

  • A False Alarm Is a Bug

    When building systems that require monitoring and alerting, a false alarm should be treated as a bug.

  • Writing Makes You Live Curiously

    Questions naturally arise when writing. Since writing is thinking, when we turn over an idea in our head, we can’t help spotting things we don’t understand or finding a topic we want to learn more about.