• Running Docker Compose in Codespaces

    Using the built-in docker-compose configuration in GitHub Codespaces is limited. It’s better to run docker-compose inside the Codespace but this requires a docker-in-docker setup which is finicky.

  • Compliance Is Dynamic

    Employment and tax compliance is not static. Requirements change because of new laws, hiring in a new state, employees relocating, or when government agencies tell you they’ve changed—UI rate changes, notifications and enforcements.

  • Websites as a Family Heirloom

    Three things lead me to believe that websites will soon become an heirloom passed down generation to generation: 1) the ubiquity of the web generally (which is still only 59% of the world’s population) 2) the scarcity of web domains 3) the value of search engine ranking.

  • Omega Point Universes

    A universe that collapses to a single point due to baryon annihilation required to produce energy needed for colonization.