• A False Alarm Is a Bug

    When building systems that require monitoring and alerting, a false alarm should be treated as a bug.

  • Writing Makes You Live Curiously

    Questions naturally arise when writing. Since writing is thinking, when we turn over an idea in our head, we can’t help spotting things we don’t understand or finding a topic we want to learn more about.

  • Atoms and Bits

    The prevailing industry of the last century was the industry of atoms—physical infrastructure, extraction of natural resources, and moving things around faster.

  • Capitalism Is Dead (Literature Notes)

    The essay Capitalism is dead: long live Technofeudalism by Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek Minister of Finance, describes how advancements in technology killed what we used to call capitalism and replaced it, unwittingly, with a form of feudalism.

  • Org-Roam Mobile

    My hunt for a mobile setup for org-roam continues. LogSeq doesn’t handle org IDs.

  • Product Market Fit

    What is product/market fit? Pull not push A common definition of product/market fit is that the business feels “pull” from customers as demand increases, sales are quicker, and adoption is faster.

  • Zeigarnik Effect

    Open tasks occupy short-term memory until they are done. It’s distracting to have so many open tasks because it’s natural to keep thinking about them.

  • Queuing Cost

    Anytime you put a task in a queue (a todo list, a backlog, a ticket, etc.

  • Capture and Refile

    The two most important parts of a personal productivity system that I’ve learned are capturing and refiling.

  • In Venture, You Can Only Lose 1x Your Money

    Venture capitalist Bill Gurley, when talking about losses reminds people that a fund can lose it’s money 1x on a failed investment in a business that goes under but can miss out 10,000x if they fail to invest in a big winner.

  • Don't Normalize Mediocrity

    When coming up with goals for your business, it’s a disservice to adjust it down to make everyone—employees, investors, yourself—feel better.

  • Ack and Come Back

    If you don’t answer a message in a timely manner, the other person has to assume either you haven’t received it or you chose not to respond.