• LangChain

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  • ChromaDB

    ChromaDB is a vector database used for similarity searches on embeddings.

  • Migrations Are Mini Rewrites

    As software grows, patterns and practices naturally evolve. Inevitably, someone comes to the conclusion that a change should happen and code should be migrated to the new thing.

  • We've All Been Marl

    Marl is the marginal user. The one who represents the broad base of users that drive most product decisions to the lowest common denominator.

  • No Next Step, No Deal

    In sales, it’s easy to mislead yourself into thinking a sales deal is on track when it’s not.

  • What's the Trade?

    When you see something absurd in the market, it’s helpful to ask, “What’s the trade?

  • Programmatic SEO Is a Numbers Game

    Being able to programmatically generate content for search engine optimization is only useful if you have a lot of keywords you can target (thousands) and pages you can generate to rank for them.

  • Personal Infrastructure

    It’s useful to think about the underlying utilities that go into running one’s life and business with the same rigor used to build something significant.