• The Cozy Web

    There are many different layers to the web that people inhabit.

  • How Langchain Works

    As it turns out, combining large language models together can create powerful agents that can respond to, and take action on, complicated prompts.

  • Consciousness Is Categories

    Consciousness is an emergent property of categories. As a sufficient number of categories can be represented in a system, selfhood arises and, with it, consciousness.

  • AI Is the Next Great Interop Layer

    I had previously observed that humans are the great interop layer—we are the glue that fits together disparate processes and tools into usable systems.

  • Layering vs Chunking

    When building large complicated things, there are two primary strategies that optimize for different things—layering and chunking.

  • Prompt Injection Attacks Are Unavoidable

    While large language models are already useful for certain text based tasks, connecting them to other systems that can interact with the outside world poses new kinds of security challenges.

  • Decoupling Work and Place

    One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic is that work and place are decoupling is increasing the radius of economic opportunity.

  • ChatGPT Lowers Barriers to Building Small Projects

    After using it for a few coding projects recently, I find that ChatGPT is a great way to lower the barriers to building smaller, self-contained projects—things that have been hiding in your to do list that take a bit too much effort to attempt but is still a good idea.

  • Large Language Models

    This note does not have a description yet. Links to this note AI Is the next Great Interop Layer

  • Edelman Trust Barometer

    A global survey that attempts to measure the extent to which people trust or distrust institutions in their country and in other countries.