• FMLA and Remote Work

    The rules for when a company must provide federally mandated medical leave to employees may change due to remote work.

  • Is Your Pricing Too High?

    How do you know if your price is too high? A few things could be happening: the product isn’t actually as valuable as you are selling, you’re talking to the wrong customers, you’re not conveying the value, or any combination of the three.

  • Mission Beats Culture

    Having a meaningful mission that draw people in and compels them to do their best work together is more powerful than good culture alone.

  • News Diet

    A news diet is intentionally limiting yourself to certain quantities and outlets for news and media.

  • Learning Styles Don't Exist

    The idea that everyone has their own learning style and learning is most effective when teachers use your style is not based on any scientific evidence.

  • Degrees of Souledness

    People tend to think of objects and living things as having a soul or not having a soul when really it’s a continuous scale of souledness.

  • I Am a Strange Loop

    Written by Douglas R. Hofstadter. Links to this note Every Human Consciousness Lives at Once in a Collection of Brains

  • Contingency Recruiting Doesn't Work Well for Early-Stage Startups

    Contingency recruiting is not very effective for early-stage hiring. Since contingency recruiters get paid only if they are able to fill a job opening and charge 20-25% of the new hire’s first year salary, they tend to share candidate profiles with larger companies that pay higher salaries which make them more money.

  • Shake and Pull

    An algorithm for working on hard problems is to shake and pull.

  • Codespaces and Emacs TRAMP

    While you can use Emacs in the browser using Codespaces, it involves getting all of your emacs config set up on Codespaces.