• Consistency Is Potency

    The more consistent something is, the more potent it becomes. It might sound boring to do, hear, and say the same things over and over again, but it leads to better results.

  • Three Kinds of SEO

    There are three kinds of SEO: technical, programmatic, and editorial. Technical SEO is about setting up the right infrastructure for pages including page speed, internal link architecture, redirects, and so on.

  • Stutz (Literary Notes)

    Stutz is a documentary that is ostensibly about therapy, but is really about the endearing relationship between Jonah Hill and his therapist.

  • Less Time, More Time

    There are many things I want to spend less time doing and many things I want to spend more time doing.

  • When to Do SEO

    Before investing in SEO, evaluate whether or not it has the potential to have a large impact on your business.

  • How to Do SEO

    This note does not have a description yet. Links to this note Three Kinds of SEO

  • Time Saved Using Keyboard Shortcuts

    I use Alfred to switch between applications using keyboard shortcuts. On average, I use Alfred 127 times per day, mostly to use keyboard shortcuts.

  • Fear Is Bad Advice

    Being afraid of something can cause us to make the exact wrong decision because fear is bad advice.