• Start a Personal CRM as Early as Possible

    Now that I’ve used a CRM from scratch for startup sales and support, I’m coming around to the idea that you should start a personal CRM as early as possible in your career.

  • Kardeshev Scale

    The Kardeshev scale measures the advancement of civilization based on energy consumption.

  • Past Experience Is a Repetoire Not a Playbook

    There’s a tendency for new people joining a company to immediately draw from their past and implement the things they’ve seen succeed but there is danger in treating experience as a playbook.

  • Reactionary Politics Is a Dead End

    Political views based on a reaction to something else (e.g. wearing masks, anti-science, a decision) is a dead end because it says nothing about what you want from this world.

  • Linking Time Crystals

    In a recent experiment, researchers were able to link two time crystals together by placing them close enough that they could influence each other.

  • Is Macroeconomics Useful?

    One question I find myself coming back to is whether or not macroeconomics is a useful source of explanations.

  • Right-Half-Plane Zeros

    In a system modeling an input over time, a right-half-plane zero is when some exponential growth rate of the input has no effect on the output.

  • Connected Work

    It used to be an anomaly, now it’s common place. It’s not remote work, it’s just work.