• The Great Nothing

    There is a patch of the cosmos which is 300 million light years across with significantly fewer galaxies.

  • The Great CEO Within

    A self-coaching book about coaching Matt Mochary. Links to this note Areas of Responsibility List

  • Every Paragraph Should Have a BLUF

    The first sentence of every paragraph should be a BLUF. Readers can see the point right away without having to read through the entire paragraph.

  • Founder-Led Sales

    This note does not have a description yet. Links to this note What Does Customer Success Do at a Startup?

  • Customer Success First Then Sales

    In the early days of a startup with a product in the market, it seems intuitively correct that you should hire some experienced salespeople to get you more sales.

  • My Tag Vocabulary

    I don’t use tags as a way of querying topics. Instead, I use a use a small set of tags (FILETAGS in org-mode) to drive functionality for task management and notes.

  • Documentation as Customer Success

    Self-serve businesses that sell complicated software (like an API) can use documentation as a way of augmenting or replacing customer success.