How to Send Email as Someone Else in HubSpot

Sometimes you want another email to be able to send email as you in HubSpot. For example, having a BDR send follow-up notes to prospects you haven’t heard from in a while, or setting appointments. This isn’t possible out of the box with HubSpot, but if you are using Gmail, there is a workaround.

However, you should probably just set up a shared inbox in HubSpot!

  1. Add an email delegate in Gmail
  2. Confirm the delegation request from the email
  3. Connect the delegate email to HubSpot HubSpot -> Settings -> Email -> Connect personal email
  4. An alias should now be available to send emails in HubSpot when you click the “From” field
  5. Sending via personal email accounts will prepend the HubSpot user’s name so to change the name to match, go to Profile & Preferences -> Global and change your first name and last name. Log out and then back in so the email name change takes effect