Zoom Note Taker Bots Are Disruptive

Several products these days have an AI bot that will join your Zoom call and take notes. That’s bad.

It puts everyone in the meeting on edge. It’s like a courtroom stenographer sitting in on your call. I don’t want to be in a courtroom, I want to be in a semi-private conversation with other human beings.

The UI of a bot joining a Zoom meeting is that they are an equal participant. They have a square filled with a black screen like someone without their camera on. They have a name. If multiple people use this kind of service, multiple bots join the meeting.

This UI makes the bots feel more “there”, making it even harder to ignore.

It’s okay to take notes (I would have no problem with a human participant typing up some notes as we go) but somehow I feel weird about a carbon copy transcript or video of the meeting. It feels like a permanent record that can never be expunged. What if I said something wrong?

I don’t want to be “on the record” all the time.

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