• Tyler Cowen

    Thoughtful economist from George Mason University, author, blogger, and podcast host.

  • Toska

    A russian word with many facets to it’s meaning that roughly translates to depression and longing, love-sickness, and unbearable feelings.

  • Structural Racism

    Racism that has been deliberately built into systems that govern and organize our lives including education, courts, laws, constitution, law enforcement, etc.

  • Pyrrhic Victory

    A victory that results in self-inflicted devastation equivalent to defeat.

  • Lindy Effect

    A theory that states, the future of an idea or technology is proportional to how old it currently is so that every additional period results in longer life expectency.

  • Hobson’s Choice

    An illusion of a choice between two inequivalent options. Hobson ran stable filled with many horses.

  • Janus-Faced

    A duality, having two different and opposing faces. Comes from the Roman god of beginnings.

  • White Rage

    A non-fiction book by Carol Anderson that describes the structural racism of the United States.

  • Möbius Strip

    A loop with a twist in it that is non-orientable. If you were to travel from a starting point on the strip and moved the full length of the strip you would end up moving along both sides without crossing an edge.

  • Juneteenth

    The day that marks proclaiming that slaves in Texas are free, two and a half years afterthe Emancipation Proclamation.

  • Puppy Mind

    When your mind keeps wandering out of control and fixating on things is like a puppy trying to walk on leash for the first time.

  • Personal CRM

    It’s difficult to remember every detail about people you know and who you want to build a relationships with.

  • Management Graph

    Sometimes it’s useful to work through a management challenge by drawing a graph of actions based on a particular event.

  • Slavoj Žižek

    Contemporary philosopher and leftist. See also: Masterclass: Transcendental Subjectivity, Sexual Difference, Brain Sciences (part 1, part 2) Links to this note A Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

  • Klein Bottle

    A non-orientable surface, a theoretical shape that doesn’t actually exist in 3D space.

  • Hilbert's Problems

    A German mathematician David Hilbert published 23 unsolved problems in the field of mathematics.

  • GraphPlan

    A data structure and search algorithm for efficiently finding the shortest plan of actions between an initial state and goal state.

  • Downward Causation

    Macro level processes altering micro level processes by changing constraints. For example, thoughts and memories alter the strength of connections in the brain via gene regulation which alters the physical constraints of ions/electrons (synapses).

  • Webmentions

    Webmention is a W3C web standard for decentralized comments, reposts, and other interactions across websites.

  • Talk Then Code

    In a blog post from Dave Cheney, open source contributor to golang, he writes that it’s always better to talk about a bug/feature/change then writing code.

  • Talk - The Secret of Psalm 46

    A talk given by Brian Moriarty, a renowned game designer/developer, that encourages listeners to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of making something awe-inspiring.

  • Meta Game

    The game about the game. In game development, it’s often cited that it’s all about the meta game.