A package built into Emacs which combines outlining, task management, scheduling, code execution, spreadsheet, and much more. .org files have a specific syntax which can not be parsed using a formal grammar such as EBNF.

See also:

  • Using Vale With Emacs for Prose Linting

    After looking into linting prose in Emacs, I found a way to roll your own prose linter setup using vale (an extensible prose linter), efm-langserver (a generic language server), and eglot (a language server mode for Emacs).

  • Emacs

    A free/libre text editor that has so much functionality it’s often joked as being an operating system that has an ok text editor.

  • Org-Roam-Ui Helps You Peer into Your Brain

    The org-roam-ui is a visualization and exploration companion to org-roam. The force-directed graph of notes (nodes) and links (edges) shows how concepts fit together and relate. I thought it was primarily eye candy, it’s useful for 1) spotting connections you haven’t already made and 2) identifying orphaned notes that could be linked to other notes.

  • Exporting Org-Mode Documents With Many Org-Id Links Is Slow

    Exporting org-mode documents using ox is very slow when there are many org-id links in the contents.

  • Literate Programming

    Intertwines documentation and source code which emphasizes the need for code to not only be understood by the compiler, but also by future engineers trying to reason about your code.

  • The Downside of Using Org-Id Links in Org-Roam

    In org-roam v2, a new requirement was added for all notes to have an org ID. This has a few notable downsides.

  • EBNF

    A context-free grammar can be described using Extended Backus–Naur form (EBNF) notation. This higher ‘metasyntax’ describes how another grammar should be parsed. This makes it a useful portable format for multiple programming languages to parse the same thing (if your system can read EBNF grammars it can parse a multitude of other grammars).

  • Turn Emacs into a Focused Writing Tool

    Emacs can be customized to create a beautiful, focused writing environment akin to Ulysses, iA Writer, Bear, or other minimalist markdown editors.

  • Org-Roam

    An Emacs library that recreates Roam (software that implements a Zettelkasten-like system) using org-mode.

  • Org-Mode Export to Notion

    I use org-mode for taking notes and keeping track of tasks. I use Notion for work as an internal wiki.