Using Org-Roam as a CRM

Using org-mode and org-roam can make a rudimentary CRM system for logging interactions with people, companies, or any other contact.

Capturing associations

  1. Create a file for each entity (use org-roam and a capture template to automate it)
  2. Insert a link to the entity (org-roam-node-insert) in tasks, meetings, or any other notes to make the association with that entity
  3. Visit the entity file and view backlinks (org-roam-buffer-toggle) to see all related items

Adding more CRM functionality to org-mode

Now that there is a rudimentary CRM, we can use org-roam’s database to build more functionality.

  • Check-in with contacts: Use the list of backlinks sorted by date to see who you haven’t talked to in awhile.
  • Get a list of tasks waiting on a contact: Use backlinks that have a status of WAITING to bring up at the next meeting.
  • Adapt at mentions for org-mode to quickly tag contacts to make associations
  • Create a capture template for each kind of contact (company, person, etc.) to store standardized properties like company name and website

See also:

  • Personal CRM

    It’s difficult to remember every detail about people you know and who you want to build a relationships with. A personal CRM is a place to record contacts and context so you can build up relationships over time. Automate reminders to reconnect with people and be useful to them so you can grow your network.