Using ChatGPT With Emacs

There are a few packages and libraries that are being built to use ChatGPT along with Emacs.

  • Emacs OpenAI has a collection of packages for using ChatGPT and dall-e
  • ChatGPT.el was one of the first, but hasn’t been updated to use the official API yet
  • ChatGPT Shell is an eshell for ChatGPT and dall-e
  • ChatGPT Arcana is a more integrated approach including prompt from region
  • GPTel focuses on a chat client session within an Emacs buffer
  • org-ai combines OpenAI whisper and GPT so you can talk to Emacs (also has a nifty begin_ai block for org-mode)
  • leafy-mode adds completions to org-mode using ChatGPT