One of One Software

I would guess that a significant amount of software is written for one person and we should celebrate it more.

Most software engineers tend to write for other people. They hope to create a popular open source library. They’re working on their startup idea. Maybe it’s a matter of industry norms i.e. pretending that the next engineer reading your code is an axe-wielding murderer.

Why not write one of one software? Written just for you, to do exactly what you want, without consideration for someone else. What if we didn’t place such a high premium on popularity and scale?

I imagine there are many other kinds of software that would be created that aren’t today. It would be more fulsome and go deeper into the problem instead of a shallower Pareto optimal of building for other people. It would be limited by the author’s time and ability so the shape of it might look very different—a greater emphasis on combining things that already exist and smaller in scope.

What are some examples of one-of-one software you’ve written?

See also:

  • A simple example is my Emacs config which is a thousand lines of code that will only ever be executed on my CPU
  • I built org-ai and an emacs integration just for chatting with my notes
  • Chatgpt Lowers Barriers to Building Small Projects

    After using it for a few coding projects recently, I find that ChatGPT is a great way to lower the barriers to building smaller, self-contained projects—things that have been hiding in your to do list that take a bit too much effort to attempt but is still a good idea.

  • Personal Infrastructure

    It’s useful to think about the underlying utilities that go into running one’s life and business with the same rigor used to build something significant. Afterall, the things we rely on every day can have an outsized impact on our own performance so why not treat it that way?

  • How to Build an Intuition of What AI Can Do

    One of the difficult parts of applying AI to existing processes and products is that people aren’t calibrated on what generative AI can and can’t do. This leads to both wild ideas that are not possible and missed opportunities to automate seemingly difficult work that is possible.

  • Using Chatgpt With Emacs

    There are a few packages and libraries that are being built to use ChatGPT along with Emacs.

  • Org-Ai Is Chat for Notes

    I started building AI for notes to help me chat with my library of notes. The result of that exploration is org-ai—my one of one software that helps me remember what I’ve previously written, summarize information. Under the hood it uses vector-based similarity search and LLMs and agent-based AI to extract useful information from my zettelkasten in a chat-based interface.