My Tag Vocabulary

I don’t use tags as a way of querying topics. Instead, I use a use a small set of tags (FILETAGS in org-mode) to drive functionality for task management and notes.

A project tag is used to connect tasks with org-agenda. That way my notes are not separate from day-to-day work.

A private tag or draft tag is used determine whether or not to publish the note publicly. I sometimes search for drafts to finish them up later though I don’t always come back.

An entity tag indicates a person or company. This is similar to an at mention to associate a task with a person. Using org-roam back, I can query tasks by person so I can follow-up on delegated tasks or review work later.

  • Tag Vocabulary

    Tags are used to create heterarchical systems that lets you iterate on retrieval. The tag names are abstractions like categories, projects, or ideas that are encoded on top of a set of items (like notes) to make it easy to find later.