Emacs Hyperbole

Hyperbole is an emacs package that matches text and turns it into links (buttons in hyperbole parlance). Links can execute arbitrary code so it’s kind of like a universal emacs subsystem for linking things together (i.e. hypertext).

In some ways you might describe hyperbole as “M-RET does what you expect at point”.

From this generic abstraction you can do a number of things. You can unify the behavior of clicking on file paths, regardless of what mode or programming language you are writing in. You can link together org-mode documents to python code in another directory. You can implement “do what I mean” when you press M-RET anywhere since you can add your own buttons that execute arbitrary code.

I’m not sure how practical hyperbole is yet. It’s hard to discover what is a button (at least in my setup) and I don’t know when I would want to add my own buttons but now that I know this exists, I’m sure I’ll start to see opportunities crop up.

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