• Enthusiastically Rehire

    A simple heuristic for whether or not to let someone go is to ask yourself, “Would you enthusiastically rehire this person?

  • Large Durable Business

    People often ask me in interviews where I see our company going in the coming years (which is more of a meta question asking about the exit strategy).

  • Build a Cross Platform FAISS Index

    Building a FAISS similarity search index is not cross-platform. If you save the index locally using aarch64 and try to load it an x86_64 environment it will not work (for me, it loads an empty index).

  • Clarity Is One Number

    Making complicated things seem simple involves abstracting over reality in such a way that is clear and actionable.

  • Advantages of Open Source AI

    It’s almost inevitable that, after an initial research phase, progress of AI models and tools will come from open source communities rather than a corporation.

  • AI Multiplies the Value of Expertise

    AI reduces the cost of certain tasks to effectively zero. In doing so, it lowers the barriers to domains that would previously take years to build skills such as writing code, data analysis, and more.

  • Save D3 to Svg

    The easiest way to export a d3 visualization is to use svg-crowbar bookmarklet from the New York Times.

  • SaaS Benchmarks for Series B

    B2B SaaS businesses targeting enterprise customers that want to be in good shape to raise their Series B during a downturn need to have a run rate of $7-10MM ARR, growing at 2-5X year over year, gross margins 75-85%, and an LTV to CAC ratio of 3-5X.

  • The Cozy Web

    There are many different layers to the web that people inhabit.

  • How Langchain Works

    As it turns out, combining large language models together can create powerful agents that can respond to, and take action on, complicated prompts.

  • Consciousness Is Categories

    Consciousness is an emergent property of categories. As a sufficient number of categories can be represented in a system, selfhood arises and, with it, consciousness.