Work Faster Not Smarter

Faster is more productive because it is a multiplier on tasks you spend a lot of time doing (thinking, writing, typing, debugging).

Being faster takes practice and most people don’t try to improve.

The way to be efficient for many problems is to be smarter. Counter intuitively, being faster helps you learn faster and have “better thoughts”.

Read Some reasons to work on productivity and velocity From Dan Luu.

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  • Productivity Is Bounded by Decision Making

    At a certain point, optimizing productivity becomes optimizing for speed of decision making. After all the tools, shortcuts, and hacks, that build up raw speed to get tasks done, you’re left with the cognitive load of decision making. That email you received? It’s a decision disguised as a reply. That Slack message that remains unread? You’re procrastinating because a decision needs to be made that you don’t want to confront.