Typing Fast Is Thinking With Your Hands

Knowledge work is often limited by time spent thinking versus doing, but typing fast helps you think faster. Ideas don’t usually come out clearly when they go from our brain to paper—they require some iteration and correction. That means some amount of exploration is required and the act of typing can help you think with your hands.

Thinking with your hands is not something we associate with work that involves a computer, but it can improve problem-solving. Typing is the equivalent of playing with the problem and turning it into something interactive.

Typing fast is a skill that lets you play with ideas more effectively. If you can keep up with the speed of thoughts, write them down, rearrange, and edit quickly, it can be your aid in working through even the most challenging problems.

This blog post disagrees and points to a study about typing and learning but it looked at 16 school-aged children and 16 adults.

I would be willing to bet that, two people of equal ability solving the same problem, the one who can type faster will solve the problem faster.

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