Zealio V2 Keyswitch

I’ve been using the Zealio V2 keyswitches on my primary keyboard for around 1.5 years so now is a good time to write about the experience. This has a distinctive feel to every keystroke that feels heavy at first (requiring more force than a standard switch) but ends up feeling crisp and snappy. The reason for that is the tactile design puts the actuation at the very top of the keypress with no pre-travel. Coming from more traditional MX keyswitches (I was using MX clear and MX copper) everything else now feels mushy.

The sound is loud for a tactile switch. It has a higher pitch sound to it than the MX clears and because the actuation is at the top, you almost certainly will bottom-out on every keystroke. This is good for sound (thock!) but probably not great for any impact related repetitive stress injuries. The only negative is that there is a high-pitched spring ping on certain keys (the X key for me).

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