Gazzew Boba U4T Keyswitch

The latest hyped tactile keyswitch I’m trying out on my primary keyboard, replacing Zealio v2.

Initial impressions

To help me compare, I changed half of my keyboard to use the new Boba U4Ts and the other half using Zealios.

It is noticeably quieter. The Bobas have a much lower-sounding ‘thock’ compared to Zealios which is very pleasing. There is also no spring ping on any of the keys. This might be because the Bobas came lubed but definitely an upgrade.

The activation is noticeably more mellow than the Zealios. It still feels crisp (I may need to compare these to the MX Clears to remember what pillow-y feels like again) but it’s smoother. I tend to be a heavy typer so a more muted sound will pair better when taking notes during a meeting.

The spring weight is about the same between the two (62g) but the Bobas feel a bit heavier. Too early to tell if it will lead to fatigue.

Finally, something I almost never notice is key wobble—the Bobas have almost none. It makes the Zealios feel rattle-y in comparison. Any wobble makes no sound so there are no shuffling sounds with my fingers resting on the keys—I like this!

Long-term review

I’ll update this once I’ve had a chance to use these for longer.