Being a Better Judge of Early Work Inoculates You From Skepticism

We tend to judge early versions of work too harshly due to skepticism. This causes us to fail to push through the ugly early work of ambitious projects (or not try at all). By having a better understanding of what early work looks like we can push past skepticism from ourselves and those around us.

See also:

  • Smart People Don’t Like Taking Chances

    Smart people don’t like taking chances because they are afraid of being wrong.

  • Do the Hard Work, but Remove the Struggle

    I tend to work hard and take my work seriously. When things aren’t working exactly as planned, I take it personally. When the work is difficult I internalize it and it becomes more difficult.

  • Demo Driven Development

    Using demos as a way of focusing on specific functionality and elevating quality. Presenting your work builds in accountability and reviewing demos provides feedback. Over time, this practice calibrates people around a set of product principles and shared context.