• Swiss Travel Pass

    The Swiss Travel Pass is an all-in-one ticket offered by the SFF for most forms of transportation in Switzerland.

  • Conjecture Is Vital to Product Development

    Product development tends to overlook the importance of conjecture. Lean startup and similar ‘lean’ movements create a culture of empiricism—only that which can be measured must be true.

  • Zeno's Mistake

    It’s a mistake when confusing an abstract process with a real-world process of the same name.

  • Work Avoidance

    With so much emphasis on productivity these days, an underappreciated problem is work avoidance—not doing what you should be doing because you are doing something else.

  • Money Is a Social Construct

    We tend to think of money as something tangible and, once you have it, it can be used interchangeably anywhere it’s used for procuring goods and services.