• Speed X AI (Literature Notes)

    I read Speed x AI from Nfx. It says that founders need to move much faster or those leveraging generative AI will leave you in the dust.

  • AI Models at the Edge

    Today, most large language models are run by making requests over the network to a provider like OpenAI which has several disadvantages.

  • Colleges and Upward Mobility

    Attending college is still a major force in upward mobility for children with parents in the bottom quintile of income to reach the top quintile of income.

  • Context Ascribes Value

    Context matters in the way that people recognize value. For example, a world-class classical musician performing in the street is unlikely to be recognized for their brilliance compared to performing in Carnegie Hall.

  • Obviously Awesome (Literature Notes)

    How to do positioning Make a short list of your best customers Form a positioning team Must be driven by the leader of the business and the leaders of each business function or it won’t be adopted Let go of baggage Everyone must be on the same page about what positioning means, each component of positioning, and styles of positioning depending on the market Get agreement that the product was created with a certain market and audience in mind but may no longer be best positioned that way List true competitive alternatives from the customers' point of view What would your best customers replace you with if you didn’t exist?

  • Getting Locked Out of a Toothbrush

    The absurdity of smart devices is maybe best exemplified by a toothbrush that goes out of it’s way to lock down refills with an intentional and sophisticated password scheme between the handle and the replaceable brush head.