• Global Employment Organization

    A global employment organization (GEO) is an employer of record that is used to hire employees outside of the client’s country.

  • SUTA Dumping

    SUTA dumping is fraudulent arbitrage of State Unemployment Tax where fraud-y PEOs put employees from high insurance rate companies into a new entity with a low insurance rate and pocketed the difference.

  • PEOs Charge Two to Seven Percent of Payroll

    PEOs charge between 2-7% of the dollar volume of the payroll for their services (more for GEOs) generating revenue between $1,200 per employee per year up to $4,000 (source: JP Morgan).

  • Surprise Plus Memory Equals Learning

    Learning is composed of two elements: surprise and memory. If you go about life and nothing is surprising then you wouldn’t have anything new to learn.

  • Nobody Grades an Economist

    The reason you shouldn’t rely on what economists say to make decisions (for example in financial decisions) is because nobody grades an economist.

  • Default Optimism Is Rational

    Optimism is the most rational viewpoint to have by default. Unlike pessimism or negativity, optimism is helpful even when faked because we find evidence for whichever mindset we have.

  • Howard Marks

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  • Jiddu Krishnamurti

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  • Culture Is an Attempt to Cover Up Our Wildness

    Immanual Kant states that between instinct and culture is wildness. It is in mankind’s nature to be raw and wild so we find ways to cover up this wildness through culture—a collective set of customs, art, and achievements.