• The Needs Stack

    The needs stack is a way of describing what a customer is trying to do when they are buying.

  • Emacs Completion Stack

    There are many packages for completions in Emacs. I recently switched over from ido and helm to the MOVEC stack: Marginalia, Orderless, Vertico, Embark, Consult.

  • The Unknown God

    An English physician once described radium as “the unknown god”. This was at a time where radiation and it’s effects were still being discovered.

  • Results Don't Matter

    I was watching an interview with Kobe Bryant where he talks about his workouts and approach to basketball.

  • Sloppyness Adds Up

    Imagine a busy executive trying to work with multiple people. They’re coming in and out of meetings and working on several projects all day long.

  • Langchain Self Query With Dates

    Self querying by date using LangChain doesn’t work well. The default schema used for parsing natural language into the internal representation of langchain for querying a vector store does not work with dates because it uses the wrong type (it tries to use a dict but you can only filter using integers or strings).

  • Lorca Model 1 Review

    The Lorca Model 1 is a romantic watch. It blends elements of several iconic watches that remind me of a time I never lived through.