• Product Design Partner

    A product design partner is an early user and potential customer that provides regular organized feedback about you product.

  • Robert Moses

    This note does not have a description yet. Links to this note Robert Moses Was a Failure in the First 5 Years of His Career In the early years of his career, Robert Moses—with all of his idealism and arrogance—failed to reform the New York City government and improve efficiency as he proposed.

  • Bayes' Theorem

    The probability that belief A is true, given new evidence B is equal to the probability of B given A times the probability of A (regardless of B) divided by the probability of B (regardless of A).

  • Moroccan Chaabi

    A traditional rhythm which is a variation of the Chaabi found in Northern Africa.

  • The Dispassionate Developer

    Being all consumed by engineering (writing blogs, contributing to open source, giving away your time) is not good because it leads to burnout and perpetuates more people to do the same.

  • Strategy Bugs

    Like software bugs, strategy bugs are a failure of understanding of how the real world and what you created.

  • Sistine Chapel of the Ancients

    Thousands of Ice Age paintings were discovered in the Amazon rainforest in Colombia which earned the nickname ‘the Sistine Chapel of the ancients’.

  • Plant-Based Soft Robots

    Using plant-based actuators, experiments have shown that we can achieve a limited form of soft robots.

  • D3 Is an API for SVGs

    D3 is not a visualization library as it is described, but an API to svg and canvas elements.

  • Vega Is a Visualization Grammar

    Vega is a high level charting and visualization library that uses a declarative grammar (a data structure) that is translated into a D3 rendered chart.

  • Update Your Priors

    An expression for Bayesian thinking where you think in ranges of outcomes based on prior information.

  • Path Dependence

    The likelihood that something will continue to be done the same way it was done from the outset.

  • Tracker Music

    A form of music characterized by being made using tracker software such as the original Ultimate Soundtracker on Amiga or more modern Renoise.

  • Compatibility Is Leverage

    A large amount of the cost (time) of maintaining code is keeping up with breaking changes and incompatability.

  • Minto Linter

    A theoretical tool that checks a piece of business writing against a set of rules from The Minto Pyramid Principle.

  • Vaguely Right Is Better Than Exactly Wrong

    Carveth Reed, a British logician and philosopher is attributed with the quote, “It is better to be vaguely right than exactly wrong” (sometimes attributed to the economist John Maynard Keynes).

  • Bond Management Is a Negative Art

    Since gains from bond trading are capped by the yield at maturity, but only returns if the bond pays out, the value generated is not from what you buy but what you exclude, avoiding bonds that don’t pay out I.