Programmatic SEO Is a Numbers Game

Being able to programmatically generate content for search engine optimization is only useful if you have a lot of keywords you can target (thousands) and pages you can generate to rank for them.

For example, Zapier found that they could target long-tail of search engine keywords in the pattern of “{software 1} {software 2} integration”. This is tightly linked to their product which is important so they can convert visitors searching for it. It also means they can a high volume of clicks from each page. Let’s say they have 100 integrations, that means they can generate ~10,000 pages (each combination) and, if each page generates 100 clicks per month, that’s 1,000,000 clicks.

When choosing the best SEO strategy, you can do a Fermi estimate to figure out if your business is going to get enough clicks to make it worth investing in programmatic SEO.

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