How to Do Keyword Research

This is a work in progress about how to do initial keyword research for SEO.

  1. Make a list of competitors (direct competitors and audience competitors)
  2. Look at the list of keywords they rank for and the search traffic received
  3. Search for keywords that are related to your product (see which sites pop up in search results). Look at the list of other keywords these websites rank for.
  4. Make a list of keywords that have high traffic and relevant
  5. Come up with a list of competitors or adjacent websites
  6. Look at what keywords they rank for that would be relevant to you
  7. Add the keywords to your competitive list
  8. Then do some searches for keywords from your competitive list and see which ones have high traffic. Add those to a new keyword list. You’re looking for keywords that have high volume per month.
  9. Next choose the top keywords and look up what the CPC is (cost per click) you’ll want ones that are specific and have some volume but are not expensive (less than $1 CPC is ideal)
  • Programmatic SEO Is a Numbers Game

    Being able to programmatically generate content for search engine optimization is only useful if you have a lot of keywords you can target (thousands) and pages you can generate to rank for them.