How to Set Up an Inbound Sales Motion

It should be repeatable, measurable, and profitable. Every product and business is different. This will focus on a B2B SaaS product.

Why inbound?

Sell the first $500k yourself to figure out what works

Position the product in the market

  • When do you need to do this?
    • You have customers
    • You can identify who your best customers are
  • Read Obviously Awesome
  • Write it down and use it

Make sure customers don’t churn

Build a playbook

  • Making founder-led sales a repeatable process
  • What is a sales playbook?
  • Materials to support a sales playbook
    • How to make a sales deck (one big template, pull slides from it to customize)
    • 1 pagers
    • Testimonials
    • Media library (screenshots)
  • Onboarding playbook

Generate inbound leads

Convert leads into customers

Automate using a CRM to turn prospects into leads, leads into customers, customers into successes

  • Set up a CRM
    • How do you set up HubSpot for B2B sales?
      • How should you set up a sales pipeline in HubSpot
      • How to set up post-close processes in HubSpot
      • How to set up support in HubSpot?
      • How to track renewals in HubSpot
      • How to measure the sales funnel in HubSpot
        • Win rate
        • Top sources
        • Churn risk
        • Renewals
  • Automate emails to drive prospects to schedule a consultation or sign up
    • Map out all of the customer touch points
    • Make a list of triggers
    • Write a list of N emails as a sequence
  • Automate onboarding process - self-serve, sold