The Great CEO Within

A self-coaching book about coaching Matt Mochary.

  • Areas of Responsibility List

    An AOR list (areas of responsibility) prevents a tragedy of the commons at your company. It’s a list of responsibilities—grouped by function—where each responsibility is assigned to one (and only one) person. This makes it clear what the responsibilities are, who owns them at the company, and how to route questions.

  • Customer Success Overcomes Technical Hurdles

    As much as product builders want to be self-serve and low-touch, there will always be limitations and improvements to make. Sometimes a customer won’t understand how to use the product. Sometimes a customer will make a mistake. Sometimes a customer won’t be able to translate their problem into a solution.

  • Use Impeccable Agreements for Better Productivity and Morale

    Impeccable agreements create accountability and motivation. This improves productivity and morale for high-performing teams.

  • Schedule Time Every Day to Work on Your Top Goal

    It’s easy to get swept away by requests from other people and other demands on your time. This is why it can feel like you do a lot of work but make little progress on what’s most important. Blocking off time each day to work on your top goal ensures you make progress above all else.

  • Merging Task Management for Work With Org-Roam

    I want to combine org-roam setup with my task management setup for work.

  • Separate the Triage Room from the Waiting Room

    Hospitals separate the triage room from the waiting room otherwise you would have patients with time-sensitive medical issues waiting and dying.

  • § What I Learned 2022

    Outline for my annual essay about things I learned and reflections for the year.