SaaS Churn Benchmarks for B2B Companies

A good churn rate for a B2B company serving small and medium businesses (SMB) and mid-market businesses (< 1000 employees) is 2.5% - 5.0% per month. A great churn rate is less than 1.5% per month.

A good churn rate for B2B company serving enterprise customers (1000+ employees) is 1-2% per month. A great churn rate is less than 0.5% per month.

Read What is good monthly churn from Lenny Rachitsky.

  • Product Market Fit

    What is product/market fit?

  • B2B Benchmarks

    A collection of benchmarks for B2B businesses (mostly relevant for early-stage SaaS).

  • Saas Revenue Per Employee Benchmarks for B2B Companies

    A useful metric for SaaS businesses is the amount of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) per employee. A high revenue per employee implies the efficiency of the business and is a proxy for it’s ability to break-even or become profitable (the majority of expenses for tech companies is people). As the business starts to scale, revenue per employee is expected to increase.

  • Customer Success First Then Sales

    In the early days of a startup with a product in the market, it seems intuitively correct that you should hire some experienced salespeople to get you more sales. However, from many conversations with founders and early sales hires of B2B SaaS companies, I’ve learned it’s best to start with customer success first.