Never Share Your Desktop When Screen Sharing

When screen sharing, never share your whole screen. There is too much information that will be viewable on your desktop and infinite ways to accidentally leak private stuff. I can’t count the number of times someone screen sharing over Zoom accidentally had their personal chat messages showing or a browser tab with something embarrassing.

A few simple rules for safer screen sharing:

  • Always select the option to share a specific window, never share your whole desktop (your desktop will show all of your open applications, new notifications, thumbnails of pictures, document names, and so on)
  • If you are sharing your browser, open a new window (not a new tab!) and share only the new window (your tabs contain a lot of information that is unnecessary to expose)
  • If you need to open a new link, open a new window and navigate to the link then copy the link to your sharing window (Google Chrome will autocomplete search history which may leak sensitive information)

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