Creative Selection

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  • Taste Is the Refined Sense of Judgment and Finding Balance That Produces a Pleasing and Integrated Whole

    Having ‘good taste’ is difficult to define. Taste is subjective, it is only confirmed by assent from others (from Immanual Kant) a kind of determinate negation.

  • Design Is How it Works

    Steve Jobs was quoted as saying “Design is how it works.” Design is not a step in the process to make it look nice after it’s already been built, but an imbuing process that happens as a matter of course. In that way design is substantial and not a gimmick or afterthought.

  • How to Be a Good Product Engineer

    Companies don’t really want frontend engineers or backend engineers or infrastructure engineers. If you work at an engineering as product organization, they want good product engineers solving user problems. As an industry, this is poorly understood and little is written to help people understand the principles of good product engineering.

  • Demo Driven Development

    Using demos as a way of focusing on specific functionality and elevating quality. Presenting your work builds in accountability and reviewing demos provides feedback. Over time, this practice calibrates people around a set of product principles and shared context.

  • His Music Would Come Out Like a Sneeze

    I watched an interview with Susan Rogers, sound engineer for Prince, and she described Prince’s prolific production process. “His music would come out like a sneeze,” she said.