Designing for Non-Experts

Building tools to help users that are not experts in the thing they are using the tool to do presents unique design challenges. You can’t assume prior knowledge. You must provide a sense of progress towards mastery even though the subject matter might be unfamiliar. You need to simplify without being overly reductive. You need to identify the unknown-unknowns without being overwhelming.

A tool that enables non-experts to become experts is incredibly valuable especially when the expertise is difficult or expensive to acquire on one’s own.

See also:

  • No-code tools built for a citizen developer
  • Mosey helps anyone manage multi-state employment and tax compliance without needing to be a lawyer or accountant
  • Chatbots Lack Affordances

    When interacting with a chatbot, there are not indications of what to say or how to say it. Without affordances, it’s difficult to know what to do at first.