How to Not Be Rude When Sending a Calendly Link

Some people find it rude to receive a Calendly link when scheduling a meeting. It pushes the effort of finding a time onto them rather going through the ceremonial back and forth of recursively reducing the set of date times to a mutually agreeable one.

To soften the blow to their ego, I find the following line works best:

“How about a call next week? Let me know what works best for you (calendly link if that’s more convenient).”

90% of the time, the person will schedule the meeting using the Calendly link and spare everyone the back and forth. I suspect the “if that’s more convenient” frames the desired outcome better. It shows you care about their time (convenience) and it’s offered as an alternative (not a command that comes off as presumptuous).

Side note, people of high status tend to have admins who manage their calendars. Admins need to do their job and show value so just let them schedule it. Having an admin is also a clear sign of someone who will constantly rearrange their calendar so it’s best to leave that to the professionals.

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