Imitating High-Status People Doesn't Work

People tend to closely emulate individuals of high-status but the counter signaling they pick up on doesn’t work unless you are already high-status. For example, being an asshole to others because Steve Jobs was famously demanding and extremely blunt doesn’t work unless you are also a widely accepted product visionary, or spending many hours a day reading because that’s what Warren Buffet does won’t work unless you have decades of value investing experience.

These high-status individuals can afford to counter signal but this can be very risky for others. For example, being an asshole to VCs would be an extremely risky thing to do if you’re not already a successful entrepreneur (even if you could get away with it, I don’t recommend it).

Read Be Wary of Imitating High-Status People Who Can Afford to Countersignal.

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    The theory popularized by the book The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species, published in 1970, has long since been debunked. Turns out, the observation that there was a strict pecking order to the pack that governed all behavior was because the researchers were working with wolves in captivity. Essentially, the alpha male things doesn’t happen in the wild and it’s like observing prison rules for wolves.

  • Celebrity Endorsements Are Power Plays

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