Internalizing Anothers' Interiority

The most clear sign of a large degree of souledness is the internalization of other creatures' interiority. Compassion for others is what marks greater consciousness and is the difference between, for example, a mosquito who is more of an automaton and a dog who has rightfully earned the title of man’s best friend.

Consciousness then, is the fidelity in which one recognizes consciousness in others.

From I Am a Strange Loop.

  • People Respond in Kind

    People tend to respond in the manner in which you respond. If you get angry and yell, the other person is likely to get angry and yell. If you get accusatory and escalate, the other person is likely to get defensive and escalate.

  • The Personhood of Self-Driving Cars

    Personhood of self-driving cars and autonomouse vehicles might matter much more than we expect for everyone’s safety. By treating them as soulless objects, people are making roads more dangerous.

  • What’s so Great About Michelangelo’s David

    I am by no means an art buff but this is my explanation about what is so moving about Michelangelo’s David 500 years after it was made.