IPhone 15 Pro Review

I’m upgrading from the iPhone 12 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro. Here’s what I’ve noticed as the biggest differences so far.

Despite all the talk about the titanium case, I barely notice the difference in the hand. It’s slightly lighter but now more top heavy—presumably because of the large size increase in the protruding camera sensors.

The high-refresh rate screen is a big improvement. Scrolling feels like moving around high-gloss magazine paper. It’s smooth and sharp without the blur you see on when scrolling quickly.

The always-on display was surprising at first. It seems pretty handy for how I use the phone by putting it on my desk when I’m working.

The new camera options are pretty great. I briefly tried out taking pictures in RAW and the ProRes codecs. I read about the new Apple Log video recording which makes it easier to adjust video by starting with flatter colors to start (that’s my understanding at least). With a little bit of effort, photos and videos can feel more professional to my eye at least.

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