Notion as a Text Editor Is Quirky

Notion is a popular wiki that I started using more seriously recently. Looking at Notion through the lens a text editor (the predominant way users create content) reveals a number of quirks.

  • Keyboard shortcuts are inconsistent. For example, typing `ctrl-p` might move the cursor one line down or all the way to the bottom of the page.
  • Tables are difficult to manage. You can’t create or fillout the table entirely using the keyboard and there are multiple modes when clicking cells (open linked page, edit) that don’t behave the same as editing other text blocks (e.g. editing external links in a cell is difficult).
  • Inserting a link works differently if it’s an internal page or an external link. Relatedly, markdown link syntax doesn’t work.
  • Creating a markdown checklist requires using the `[]` with no spaces which I think is unique to Notion (I might be wrong)
  • There’s no such thing as normal tables, just ‘databases’

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