Org-Roam Mobile

My hunt for a mobile setup for org-roam continues. LogSeq doesn’t handle org IDs. Plain Org is buggy (syncing with Dropbox, recent file list disappears, copy and paste doesn’t work, etc.). Beorg is too slow after upgrading to iOS 17.

Now I’m trying a git based workflow using Working Copy and Shortcuts. It eliminates sync conflicts with iCloud or Dropbox (or at least, I’m much more capable of resolving these conflicts using git). While not as fully featured as Beorg, it can do the main thing I need to do on mobile—capturing new tasks.

Since all of my notes are in a git repository already, all I need is automation to smooth out the experience. I created a Shortcut using Working Copy’s support for x-callback-url to pull the repo, write text to the end of a file, and prompt me to commit and push (this also works in the share sheet and with Siri). On desktop, using git-auto-commit-mode, every time I save a sync’d file it will push it to the repo.

If I forget to save/sync before switching over to mobile, I can use git to resolve it to avoid data loss. For simple conflicts, it might be able to resolve automatically.

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