Reactionary Politics Is a Dead End

Political views based on a reaction to something else (e.g. wearing masks, anti-science, a decision) is a dead end because it says nothing about what you want from this world. The ideology is entirely dependent on the other thing to react to. In the absence of the reaction there is no substance.

Take the politicization of mask mandates. Currently, there are no lock downs or mask mandates anywhere. What remains to those that aligned with anti-maskers? What do they want and where does it go? It’s a dead end.

(I overheard this in the car listening to a podcast I didn’t catch the name of)

See also:

  • Slavoj Žižek likes to say about the storming of the bastille in the French Revolution, “and now what?”.
  • One way to think about reactive politics is identity. Identity is a powerful motivator for behaviors. By politicizing more of these reactions it makes it easier to align with the rest of a platform and keep you there.