Stork Is Full Text Search for Static Websites

Stork Search is a full text search engine written in Rust that compiles to WebAssembly. That makes it compatible with static websites like The file size is relatively small (less than 1MB) for an index with hundreds of notes and the search results are fast.

I added search for my public notes here.

  • Jump to a Random Page Using a Static Site Generator

    To implement a ‘jump to random page’ in a static site (like this website) can be done using a template that loads a JavaScript function to redirect the browser. Static site generators typically have a way of iterating over all pages. You can use this same functionality to generate the random page function.

  • Reflections on Writing 1000 Notes

    I’ve now written 1,000 notes since May 25, 2020 in my Zettelkasten. You can see my reflections on writing 500 notes and here are my thoughts since then.

  • Sqlite Can Be Hosted on a Static Website

    The SQLite database can be compiled to webassembly and served using static website hosting. SQLite stores data using files so you can avoid downloading the whole thing by making clever use of HTTP range requests which accept a certain byte range as a 204 partial request. That means you can query large datasets and query it with kilobytes of overhead.