Sword of Damocles

A parable of where Damocles who, after exulting how nice it must be to be king was offered to switch places with the king Dionysius for a day. However, due to the many enemies made by Dionysius, a sword hung over the thrown held by a single horse hair. Despite the luxury and power of the throne, the fear and anxiety overwhelmed Damocles and he begged to switch back. The story conveys the ever present peril faced by those in power.

Recently the Chinese government pushed to pass a new Security Law in Hong Kong which ostensibly outlaws saying or even thinking against Chinese rule. A Chinese official called the new Security Law a ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over the head of Hong Kong–a persistent reminder of the perils of their position.

  • Protecting the North China Plain Explains Policies in China

    Protecting the North China Plain is the highest priority in China’s policies both domestic and foreign. The North China Plain is where most of the population lives (the Hu Line) and is the ancestral home for the Han ethnic group. There is also a thousand years of history that includes failing to protect the heartland (e.g. Mongol invasion).