The Guide to Starting a Remote Company

I recently wrote and published the Stripe Atlas Guide to Starting a Remote Company. It’s filled with many lessons I learned (often the hard way) when starting a remote-first startup and hiring distributed teams. Hopefully future founders will find the advice and save themselves a lot of trouble.

I’m enjoying the reactions to the announcement so far.

From @jeffweinstein:

fun fact: alex previously led engineering for atlas before founding mosey — he knows this stuff better than any human should ever have to!

From @philfreo:

It’s unfortunate that running a small company with even just a few remote employees in the US is so complicated… but alas it is.

Some examples of the pain:

Also pretty genius to write about how complicated this all is while also providing the solution. I haven’t tried @moseyworks but it looks great!

From @ij_browne:

This is an excellent and practical guide and although US focused, is a proxy for setting up remote first companies anywhere