The Sinn U50 Is a Time Fortress

I bought the Sinn u50 automatic watch in February 2022 and have worn it every day since.

What I was looking for was simple—a way to tell the time and date that doesn’t constantly send me notifications or need to be charged. I want to admire the analog engineering that is an automatic mechanical watch. I want it to look good for the kind of lifestyle I have—casual, functional, understated, and maybe ready for adventure.

The Sinn u50 ticks the boxes and appeals to me in a way that no other watch has yet. It looks really good and I enjoy looking at it every day.

It’s so totally overbuilt in a way that I can appreciate. It’s a time fortress sitting on your wrist which gives me amount of confidence I won’t need to look after it.

Three month review

After three months, what do I think of the Sinn u50? I still get excited to wear it and it’s held up as advertised—not a single scratch so far. Now that I’ve adjusted the bracelet, it’s very comfortable and I forget that it’s on my wrist. I even wear it overnight so I can check the time when I wake up in the middle of the night.

I see much more clearly how brutalist the design is. It’s so dull (bead blasted matte finish) and the steel is a darker gray that somehow makes it even less conspicuous. I can see the need for having a dressier watch especially after going to a fancy event and deciding not to wear Sinn u50.

Six month review

[still to come]

Twelve month review

[still to come]