Ways to Use AI With Emacs

I want to better utilize AI tools in my day-to-day work. I suspect there is much more I can be doing and using Emacs as building material to make it work for me.

What can I do with AI and Emacs?

Writing prose

  • Rewrite and replace region to fix spelling and grammar but preserving as much of the original prose as possible
  • Ask questions about the current document context
  • Make a flow chart from the text (maybe graphviz?)
  • Summarize a doc or region
  • Rewrite and replace text for clarity
  • Retry the last prompt to iterate on different instructions
  • Select text, write custom instruction, send
  • Create pre-canned prompts I use frequently (e.g. fix this grammar, make it shorter, etc.)
  • Dispatch to org-ai on the section or file prompting for other things I’ve written which might be related
  • Summarize a link

Writing code

  • Write function from a comment and fill in the rest
  • Debug section of code known to be wrong
  • Fix badly formatted code
  • Refactor a complicated function
  • Generate a test from the function or module
  • Write bash script for command line
  • Ask question of log output or data from a SQL query


  • Construct follow up messages for delegated tasks in org-agenda for work that are not complete yet
  • Write the basic outline of an investor update from updated information
  • Write a weekly summary and priorities for the team
  • How to Use Embark for Emacs

    Embark for Emacs seems like a useful way to further customize Emacs actions (M-x). I still don’t understand why I would want to use it, so this note is an exploration to try it out and see if it’s useful.