14% of US Adults Have Had Long Covid

A Household Pulse Survey (HPS) found that more than 14% of US adults have or had Long COVID. Across all age groups, the 40-49 year old had the highest percentage at 18.8%. This could indicate a staggeringly large number of people will have lasting health issues due to COVID-19 and was a key contributer to the labor shortages in 2022.

  • List of Studies About Long COVID

    A Twitter thread of findings from studies about Long COVID and its association with neurological symptoms.

  • 65 Million People Have Long COVID

    A meta study found that 65 million people around the world have Long COVID. The chances of developing long COVID is 10-30% of non-hospitalized cases, 50-70% of hospitalized cases, and 10-12% of vaccinated cases. A significant number of people with long COVID are unable to return to work which contributes to labor shortages.

  • IQ Loss from COVID-19 Infection

    A study of over 100,000 people in England found that found that cognitive deficits from COVID-19 infection (memory, reasoning and executive function) were similar between those whose symptoms resolved in less than 4 weeks and 12 weeks but were larger in those who had unresolved persistent symptoms (long COVID).

  • Cognitive Slowing in People Diagnosed With Long Covid

    A study of 270 patients diagnosed with Long COVID found that 53% of patients had response times that were 2 standard deviations slower than the control mean after controlling for age-related decline and comorbidities. Cognitive slowing was also correlated with poor performance in sustained attention.