Actions Should Be Dictated by Values, Not Emotions

It’s healthier to determine the actions you take based on your values rather than your emotional state. When your actions conflict with your values you tend to feel worse since you’ve also compromised your beliefs. For example, not working out because you feel depressed is likely to make you more depressed if being physically fit is something you value.

  • Atomic Habits

    A book about building systems of small habits that compound over time. Even small changes add up to big things—1% improvement every day result in 37x improvement.

  • Less Time, More Time

    There are many things I want to spend less time doing and many things I want to spend more time doing.

  • To Be Offended, You Must Value Their Opinion

    Being offended and caring what others think about you go hand in hand. If you are offended by someone, a part of you values their opinion. Similarly, if you don’t care what others think, you won’t be easily offended.

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