Andy Matuschak

Researcher who focuses on how to improve the productivity of knowledge workers.


  • Quantum country, an experiment on reading retention and spaced repetition

See also:

  • Zettelkasten (Andy has a system of networked notes he pieced together with Evernote and some scripts)

Most knowledge work is ephemeral–we write documents, emails, code and then it’s done. The ways in which we work don’t tend to compound or accumulate over time. This makes knowledge work lossy. A good example of this is note taking–we tend to never look at notes once they are written.

An analog note taking system that emphasizes connections between atomic ideas. First introduced by Niklas Luhmann.

A single number to measure the productivity of a knowledge worker could be the number of new notes added per day. This idea comes from Andy Matuschak based on a foundation that knowledge work should be accretive and each note being an atomic idea that contributes to the overall pool of knowledge one can access.