Belief Congruence Theory

The theory that belief is more significant than race in determining racial or ethnic discrimination.

Combined with in-group favoritism, the groups in power will be more likely to grant preferential treatment and allocation of resources to those with the same beliefs.

A study in 2014 shows that resumes that included minority party signals were statistically less likely to obtain a callback.

A study in the UK found that discrimination on the basis of political views is greater than on race.

  • Everything Is Political

    Some companies recently tried to separate business from politics so they can better focus on their mission. This has caused some understandable backlash because trying to be non-political is in-fact a political move, whether or not they intended it or not.

  • A Weak Man Argument Recenters a Category to Defeat It

    A ‘weak man’ argument presents a belief that only a small number of people have in order to defeat it. This is similar to a ‘straw man’, but a straw man presents a belief that no one has in order to defeat it. A ‘weak man’ is a more believable logical fallacy.