Everything Is Political

Some companies recently tried to separate business from politics so they can better focus on their mission. This has caused some understandable backlash because trying to be non-political is in-fact a political move, whether or not they intended it or not.

Everything is political. Actions and behaviors are deeply influenced by societal beliefs, norms, and biases. That’s why trying to avoid politics altogether is, it it’s own way, a political decision or a lack of understanding of culpability in, for example, social issues.

The best way to acknowledge this in a business context, is unclear, but policies that prohibit political discussions in the workplace probably aren’t it.

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Why Is Everything Liberal argues that corporations are left-leaning even though half of people vote conservative because liberals care more. They support this claim with examples like protests, friendship, and dating preferences. At the peak of the Tea Party movement hundreds of thousands came out to protest compared to millions for the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter. In dating and friendship studies, the author shows that liberals have a more difficult time being friends or dating someone who voted for Trump than the reverse.