Choose Boring Technology

A counter response to the growing sprawl of technologies that argues boring technology (tried and true, more mature) is far more effective than the latest shiny tool that gets popular on HackerNews. Using the right tool for the job is often used to justify some new thing, but quickly dissolves when teams write down exactly the issues with the current stack that are not meeting their needs.

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  • List of Boring Technology

    The following list of things are my choices for boring technology.

  • Taking an Airplane into the Water

    The user is complaining that our boat is leaking through the windows, it’s unstable, and too slow. Sometimes you have to remember that some users will never be happy with your product because they decided to take an airplane into the water.

  • There Is No Software Maintenance

    In There Is No Software Maintenance by Henrik Warne, the author argues that software maintenance is just product development. Since software is never “done”, all of the things we call maintenance such as bug fixes and improvements are feature enhancements and iterating on the original feature.

  • A Single Cistercian Numerals Indicates a Value from 1 to 9999

    Unlike Arabic or Roman numerals, a Cistercian numeral can represent any number between 1 and 9999 with a single glyph. This makes for a compact representation which were used for recording dates, indexes, numbering, and even used for labels on an Astrolabe.