Developer Minded

Users that think about your product in terms of how it will be used and what they need it to do. They imagine implementing the product and the downstream effects (like ongoing maintenance). Experience colors the developer-minded user—bad experiences in the past brings in additional decision criteria and expectations.

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When given the option to start with something pre-built, developer minded users are skeptical they won’t have enough control over the implementation and run into a critical limitation or burden. This leads to the impulse to build using the lowest level control they can (e.g. API integration). However, it’s often the case that they under estimate the cost of building and maintaining their customized solution.

Users that frame decisions by understanding cost, benefits, and want to buy solutions. They often use ROI as a mental model for whether or not to use a product or choose between providers. When choosing a technical solution they value speed of delivery and ongoing costs. They are more likely to choose ‘plug and play’ options they don’t have to imagine.